The Official freefootballscholarships 2016 Presidential Endorsement

Ever since freefootballscholarships opened in 1951, we have refrained from ever endorsing a candidate or even discussing politics openly. Our top-notch editorial staff has always wanted to comment, but they’ve been kept reigned in.

But sometimes an election is so important, a situation so dire, that you have to weigh in. Never before in the history of America have two choices been so diametrically opposed. One of the most qualified candidates in history versus a deranged, hillbilly piece of shit. An objectively correct choice versus a despicable person that could only be supported by the most vile, the most racist, the most overtly misogynistic fringe elements of our society. And, so, with an election so very important, we have no choice but to weigh in.

freefootballscholarships is proud to endorse Donald Jillian Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America!

Since Day 1, there has no bigger supporter of Donald Trump than freefootballscholarships. While other news sources fell in line behind Enemy-of-the-Blog Lyin’ Ted Cruz (we have always been at war with Ted Cruz) or Nasty Woman Crooked Hilary Clinton, we have been resolutely behind Donald Jillian Trump from day one.

It’s been difficult to listen to a strong Christian Conservative like D. Jillian Trump get slandered by the lamestream media. The way they’d use his words against him to make it seem like he was saying the words coming out of his mouth. Now, it’s fallen to us here at freefootballscholarships to clear up the lies coming from the crooked media.

  1. Neither Barrack Obama nor Hilary Clinton did Isis: Wrong! They both did.
  2. D. Jillian Trump said all Mexicans are rapists: Wrong! False! Such a nasty accusation. Jillian is not a social scientist. She’s in no position to state that all “x”s are “y”s and she doesn’t put herself out as authority on the subject. She’s just a man saying what she sees out in the world! Jillian was a real-estate developer for a long time and sometimes that means associating with unsavory types and yes, those people aren’t doctors, let me tell you that much. Now the lamestream media will tell you that just because Jillian was commenting on the lack of medical degrees in the real-estate development community (affectionately called “Mexicans”; no relation to Mexico or people from Mexico; it’s just a funny coincidence that they sound similar) that Donald Jillian Trump is racist. Wrong! No one is less racist. You’re racist.
  3. Donald Jillian Trump’s tax plan will add to the deficit while destroying all of Obama’s growth: You mean Barrack Hussein Obama? The guy who lots of smart people are saying did Isis? Please. There’s no way Obama ever balanced a budget with all his money to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Czechoslovakia. That’s not even including that wind subsidy he gave to that company that failed. Humongous waste of money! Jillian’s plan will stop giving money to Isis and he will give all that money to coal instead. Coal is clean! America is the best country on Earth and cigarettes don’t cause cancer Crooked Hilary wants to rip the baby, nasty woman, up to one day before term, she wants to rip the baby.
  4. Donald Jillian Trump does not respect women: yes, a substantial number of women have accused Jillian of sexual assault, and yes, he’s on tape describing how he likes to sexually assault women, and yes, he frequently incites violence and bullying against women. No one is disputing this. But, conversely, this a sign of how much respect Jillian has for women: he’s always inserting himself, without consent, into women’s issues so he can better understand what he puts them through on a day-to-day basis. Trump forcefully rips himself into this sort of understanding, so he can be the president for all White Women in Rust Belt, not just White Women in Michigan. Hilary Clinton is already just a woman so she can’t possibly understand.
  5. Manufacturing jobs just aren’t coming back: False! They’re coming back. Barrack Obama wanted Isis to have all the manufacturing jobs. Jillian is going to go to Isis and say “hey let me have the manufacturing jobs back” and Isis and Saudi Arabia and IRAN are going to send all the money we gave them when we negotiated NAFTA—the worst trade deal of all time, let me tell you, ever since we signed NATO Hillary Clinton in the senate has been sending all of our manufacturing, she wants to rip the baby.
  6. Donald Jillian Trump is not qualified to run a country: How can Hilary Clinton run a country if she can’t even run a household? Checkmate atheists! Eric Trump, Donald’s son, cut the trunk off an elephant. Wowza! I want that man’s big league dad to be the one setting education policy. Trump 2020. Maga maga make America great again maga maga maga nasty woman.
  7. We are at war with Eurasia: we have always been at war with Eastasia.

3 thoughts on “The Official freefootballscholarships 2016 Presidential Endorsement

  1. DJT is not female. People are so programmed to be critical of women in power is that they slammed Hillary, someone very qualified and with decades of service to her country, but accepted a bigoted man who was far less prepared.


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