‘Briefs’, Part 7

To recap: Vice President Overstreet bribed Octavian Charles to throw the Ron Howard case. If Octavian takes a dive, he becomes the next Democratic Nominee for the Supreme Court. However, Octavian can’t decide whether to compromise his morals in order to get ahead or stick to his guns. Meanwhile, Gustavo Solaveva has been tasked with defending the killer of his brother, Manuel.

Octavian Charles had to make a choice. He knew after Ophelia’s amazing closing argument that he had to say something monumental to win the case. He knew his closing would be monumental. But he had promised Vice President Overstreet that he would throw the case.

He could see Overstreet, sitting in the back of the courtroom, with his large plastic sign reading ‘Supreme Court?’.

He sighed.

He made a choice.

His choice will shock you!


Meanwhile, in another courtroom, Gustavo Solaveva stood up and declared, “Guilty. On all counts.”

He was defending his brother’s murderer, Sebastien Van Der Miles.

Judge Reinhold turned to Sebastien and asked, “Do you agree with this plea?”

“Maybe,” chortled Sebastien lackadaisically, “Maybe not. I want to testify!”

“This is a hearing,” sighed Judge Reinhold, “You don’t testify.”

Sebastien climbed over the table slowly, hopped to the witness box, and whispered to the judge, “You don’t make the rules, bitch.”

The judge sighed. Sebastien was right.


“Are you going to close or not?” asked Judge Kweli to the indecisive Octavian Charles.
Octavian sighed deeply and returned to his seat. He had decided to take a dive.

“What are you doing?” screamed Judge Kweli.

“That’s all judge,” whispered Octavian.

“Are you sure?” Judge Kweli was incredulous.

Octavian was just about to nod when his eyes wandered over to the defendant’s table. Ron Howard was sitting there. Barbecue sauce dripping off his yellow singlet, no Apple EarPods to be seen. He looked like such a fucking asshole.

Octavian couldn’t let this happen. He stood up.


Assistant District Attorney Arthur Blackwood turned to Sebastien Van Der Miles and asked, “Did you kill all those people?”

“Yep,” boasted Sebastien.

Gustavo Solaveva stewed angrily. His brother was among one of the victims. His hands went to the switchblade in his pocket. He tried not to use it.

“And why did you kill them?” asked Arthur.

“Because it was easy and fun,” laughed Sebastien, “And there was a whole thing about my biological father being from Japan and whatever. You really have to read the Soap Opera to get it.”

Arthur nodded. Gustavo went red with fury.

“Do you have anything else you’d like to add?” Arthur asked of Sebastien.

“One thing,” Sebastien smiled, “Manuel Solaveva was a punk-ass bitch.”

Gustavo lost it. He lept from the Defendant’s table into the witness box, pulled the switchblade out of his pocket, and wordlessly stabbed his brother’s killer, killing him instantly.


Octavian Charles cleared his throat and began to give his closing argument, “Webster’s Dictionary defines love as ‘an intense feeling of deep affection. I feel the same way about America. Land, of the free. Home, of the brave. On September 11, 2001, America took a stand and came together. Ted Cruz patriot warhawk Hillary Clinton drill, bay, drill. A rose by any other name may be as sweet but America has one name and her name is God. Traditional definition of marriage in an untraditional world. The personal is not political, thank you very much. Now Ron Howard, more like Hillary for Prison! Better dead than red. I want to believe in a safer and more hopeful America, and that starts today. Vote to convict Ron Howard and Vote to uphold Proposition 18! A love a lone a cross the riverrun patriots own guns.”

Octavian cleared his throat and finished, “I believe I’ve said everything I need to say.”

The entire room broke into rapturous applause. The jury started jeering and chanting “guilty, guilty, guilty”. Several people fainted and a pregnant woman had to be escorted from the court after she entered into labour.


“You killed a client?!” screamed Regan Josh at the handcuffed Gustavo Solaveva.

“Yeah,” muttered Gustavo dejectedly.

“Not great bro!”


Vice President Overstreet made eye contact with Octavian Charles as he aggressively destroyed the Supreme Court sign that he had made. He sprinted up to the front of the court room and screamed, “You’ll never serve on the Supreme Court Charles, never!”
Octavian shrugged, “It wasn’t worth it. Being a Justice doesn’t mean anything if you have to do great injustice to get there.”

“This isn’t over,” growled Overstreet as he turned to the judge. Overstreet discreetly handed Judge Kweli a crisp $50 bill.

“Case dismissed,” screamed Judge Kweli as he stuffed the bribe in his pocket.

The entire room broke out in a riot.

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