The Ending of My Horror Novel

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. To recap: Monte Carlo and Detective Bryan confronted and tortured Arthur Blackwood before leaving him to die. Aren’t these supposed to be the good guys? Yay for moral relativism, I guess.

Arthur Blackwood tried to break free of his chains but found that he couldn’t. He was weak with blood loss and his chains were thick with iron. He felt Charles Berkeley approaching.

“Don’t kill me. I did everything. I brought them here. I got you the house, I’ve been your most loyal servant,” Arthur begged.

“Oh Art,” Charles laughed as he revved his chainsaw, “This is the way it has to be. This is the way we wanted it.”

“No, no, no,” begged Arthur again.

“Quiet now,” Charles said soothingly as he cut into Arthur.

Arthur screamed. No one listened.


Bryan and Monte ran to the third floor and found the unsecured window. They were readying themselves to leave when they heard a slow clap.

“You made it far,” Charles Berkeley bellowed.

Bryan stood in front of Monte Carlo and screeched, “Run Monte! You have to live. You’re young with a full life of ahead of you! I’ll distract him long enough of you to escape.”

Monte Carlo groaned. She had heard this before. She quickly grabbed her shotgun and pushed Bryan out of the way.

“I’m done fucking running,” she exclaimed to everyone’s surprise, “I’m through letting men fight it out while I sit on the sidelines.”

Bryan tried to grab Monte’s arm but she hit it away and screamed, “I’m a strong, independent woman.”

She pointed her shotgun at the ghostly Charles and whispered, “Hello dad.”

He looked shocked.

“You know, Mama told me what to say if I ever saw my father again,” Monte Carlo whispered intensely, “You know what Mama said?”

Charles went flush.

“Mama said…”

Monte started as she loaded buckshot into her shotgun.

“Mama said knock you out.”

She fired eleven rounds and Charles exploded to death.


It was daylight. Monte Carlo and Detective Bryan climbed out the window to safety. Could it be over?

“Could it be over?” Monte wondered aloud.

“I think it is,” Bryan murmured as they climbed to the ground and walked past the gates, to the curb, and sat down to catch their breath.

“I never found poor Jessica,” Monte Carlo whispered as a single tear rolled down her cheek. She pulled a picture out of her pocket.

Bryan looked at the picture and asked, “Who’s that?”

“It’s me and Jess when we were younger,” Monte said pointing to the two young girls.

“No, I know. I mean who’s that?” Bryan asked, pointing to the young boy who, aside from being a boy, was identical to Jessica and Monte Carlo.

“Oh that’s our brother Arthur. Our third twin.”

“A third twin?!” the blood drained from Bryan’s face.

“Yeah, why? He changed his surname to Blackwood. I think he’s a lawyer now. Working for the Berkeley esta—OH FUCK!”

It was at that moment that Monte put it all together. The Arthur Blackwood that they let die tonight as the same Arthur Blackwood that was her twin brother. By allowing the twin to die, they had completed the prophecy.

Bryan and Monte grabbed each other’s hands and screamed.


Arthur Blackwood groaned and used his left hand to push all of the guts back into his body.

He began to laugh. How am I alive? Arthur thought, breaking free from his chains. He looked around the room. There was blood, his blood, all over the room and ceiling. It was only when he hovered over to the remains of his body that his question was answered.

He wasn’t alive. Arthur laughed again and smiled a mischievous grin. He knew that even if his twin sister Monte escaped that the prophecy was complete.

From above, Arthur heard gunshots. a woman scream “Mama said knock you out”, and the sound of a window breaking. He knew they escaped. He knew Berkeley must be finally dead. It didn’t matter.

The house started to rumble and Arthur heard what sounded like hoof-steps on the balcony.

The door to Arthur’s room burst open and standing before him was the dark lord of evil, Satan himself.

“Ello guvna,” Satan whispered in his high-pitched British accent.

“Hello Satan.”

“Arthur, old friend,” Satan whispered again, “I need something more from you. The Berkeley plan was only Phase 1 and, since you’re the caretaker now, I need something from you.”

“What do you need?”

“Arthur,” Satan paused before screaming, “TEN THOUSAND SOULS!”

At this both Arthur and Satan began to cackle maniacally.

“That’s a lot of work. I’m only available part-time,” Arthur negotiated, “Otherwise, I want to assume a corporeal state and get back to trial law. I think I should work for the District Attorney. You know, do some real good.”

“That’s really admirable,” yawped Satan, “We can totally work around your schedule.”

“Thanks bro,” screamed Arthur as he picked up a blood-covered machete and a pair of meathooks, “Well, let’s get killing.”


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