Part 3 of My Horror Novel

Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. To recap: Young couple Stephen and Jessica get engaged and move into a new house. Only problem is that the house was a Hospice for the Criminally Insane where the head doctor did illegal experiments/murdered the patients. Jessica and Stephen went down to the basement, where they were attacked by an evil force.

A homeless man, bleeding profusely from his multiple stab wounds, strode up to the house that had so long ago been the Saint Charles Berkeley Hospice for the Criminally Insane and opened the door with a sudden push.

“Hello, my old friend,” the mysterious homeless man muttered to himself.

He walked through the atrium past the awesome cedar ottoman and stopped suddenly when he saw a large pool of blood leading to the basement.

“Warned her… didn’t listen…. Have to see if… survived,” the homeless man muttered to himself. He was very pale, having lost a lot of blood. As you may recall, earlier that day Jessica had stabbed him several times because she thought he was gross. He then turned to the camera and muttered, “I’m the child of the young couple from the 1970’s. The one they were reading about.”

The homeless man slowly descended down the bloody stairs and flipped on the light and gasped. The room was a ghastly sight, like the skin of an avocado after it had been peeled. Body parts were strewn about, just like multiple avocado seeds after you have made a large bowl of guacamole. A dark, aged man in a doctor’s outfit with a cross on his lapel stood in the middle of the room. The man was laughing.

“I didn’t think you’d actually come,” the old man said to the homeless man.

“Have to stop… you,” the homeless man muttered as he attempted to stand up straight.

The aged man didn’t respond. He only laughed and, with a flick of his wrist, darkened the entire room. It was the last thing the homeless man would ever see. He barely had time to scream.


“Listen, Miss Carlo,” Jessica’s realtor, Eurydice Jones screeched, “The terms of sale are quite clear. If your sister, a Miss Jessica Stein, were to be murdered and or/disappear within a fortnight of purchase, then all legal rights to the house/hospice revert back to the original owner, the Berkeley estate. Jessica signed the contract and it’s all here in writing.”

Eurydice pointed to the writing on the contract. It was airtight.

“I mean, there has to be something I can do,” Monte Carlo, Jessica’s identical twin sister, begged, “Jessica and Stephen have only been missing a week!”

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do,” Eurydice murmured as she put her hand on Monte Carlo’s shoulder, “If it helps, your sister is more than likely dead. She was probably delicious. I saw that basement. It was like someone had put a bunch of humans in a blender and forgot the lid.”

“That doesn’t help, why would that help? What’s wrong with you?”

Eurydice shrugged. She had been diagnosed as a psychopath at age six and had severe difficulty empathizing with people. She’d killed before and she’ll kill again.

“Perhaps you can discuss the terms of the transfer with the Berkeleys, get a little more time. They’re holding a regatta gala at the house tonight to celebrate the transfer of ownership, why don’t you go?”

Eurydice Jones pulled an elaborate gold, embroidered ticket out of her sleeveless trench coat and gave it to Monte Carlo.

“Here, it says you can bring a plus one. Maybe you can find someone to go with you. Probably not, you seem like the type with little or no friends. Plus you smell like a spoiled avocado,” Eurydice muttered while she filed her nails.

“That’s incredibly rude,” Monte Carlo responded.


Monte Carlo walked up to the door. It read: BRYAN MANTIS, PRIVATE EYE. She swallowed and pushed the door open aggressively. She strode into the room like an avocado rolling down a slight slope.

“What do you want?” yelled investigator Bryan Mantis as he swallowed a mouthful of what appeared to be glenlivet scotch blended with codeine.

“I need you to find my sister,” screeched Monte Carlo as she sexily sat down in a suede leather chair on the right side of the desk.

Bryan chomped a cigar and shrugged, “Okay. Where did you last see her?”

“About a week ago. She moved into a new house with her fiancée Stephen. Three or so hours after moving in, she stopped posting updates to her Instagram. I called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and they flew in from Manitoba to investigate the case. They couldn’t find any trace of their bodies, except for all the body parts in the basement.”

“Sounds pretty textbook. Your sister got cold feet so she ran. Left some body parts in the basement in order to confuse the RCMP. It’s all pretty obvious, why do you need me?”

“Because sir, I don’t think it’s that simple. There was a clause in the sale that if my sister were to disappear then the estate of some Charles Berkeley would take control of the house. I’m worried they killed or abducted her to take control of the house.”

“Wait, shut up. Did you say Charles Berkeley? Saint Charles Berkeley? The doctor?”

“You know I did. Does the name ring any bells?”

Bryan’s eyes went dark and he ran his hands through his dark grey hair. All of a sudden he screeched, “I can’t help you. My case load is full. Your sister ran away. Shut up.”

Monte Carlo was concerned. She felt like this old detective was hiding something from her. Why had he gone quiet the second she mentioned the detective. Monte Carlo readied herself and screamed back, “You know something, now make like a clam and open. If you can help my sister you have to, damnit.”

Bryan leaned back and took another swig of codeine-infused scotch. He sighed deeply and, moved by the plight of Monte Carlo, began to explain, “I had just become a detective and it was my first case, back before I met my still-missing turtle, Rupert. . .”

Next Time: We learn all about Bryan’s first case in 1972 where he first met the evil Charles Berkeley. What happened to the previous tenants? Will Detective Bryan overdose on Codeine? Can you overdose on Codeine? Will Monte Carlo die suddenly without any sort of proper explanation? Is Carlo her last name or the second part of her first name? One of these questions may be answered, next time!

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